Sunbeam Programmable Breadmaker Review

There was a time when only large factories had the capacity to make bread, this is not the case anymore. Today, it’s possible to bake bread from home using a home bread maker. Infact, the only thing standing between you and having warm fresh bread at home every day is the lack of a good home bread maker. The modern home bread makers come with advanced and unique features for each model, all in a bid to ensure that bread baking at home is easy and produces quality bread. The Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound home bread maker stands out as one of the best in its’ class.

The features in this breadmaker are meant to ensure convinience while baking as well as the baking of not noly good, but enough bread in case of a family situation. The following are the details of the features you ill experience when you acquire this product.

1. 13 hours delay baking function. This means that you can leave the bread baking and not watch it for thirteen hours and you will come back to find it fresh, warm and ready.

2. Express baking function. This makes it possible for quick bread making in just a short period normally under 1 hour.

3. Large capacity for cooking of bigger loaves. This is made possible by the 2-pound capacity feature for family bread baking.

4. This bread maker comes with a 12 settings feature from which to select your favourable mode of baking Large LCD display. This enables viewing of the selected settings or the baking mode for easier use of the machine.

5. A removable bread pan which can be separately cleaned and comes with a non-stick surface for better results while baking and easier cleaning.

6. Transparent glass top for easy viewing of the baking process.

7. Multi-function ability such as cake baking and making dough.

All these functions mean that there are numerous benefits that will come with this product. Such benefits include the following:

1. The large top glass display and simple design makes it easy to use this product. This makes it possible to monitor the baking in progress and is further assisted by the LCD display.

2. This product is highly versatile. It’s possible to do multiple functions such as make dough, bake cake and even select different types of crust for your bread.

3. A non-stick bread pan which is easy to clean ensures that the machine bakes in proper hygenic standards.

4. The delayed timer adds the benefit of programming this bread maker to the most suitable time for you, this means you can have your bread warm and fresh in as little time as one hour or even leave it the the bread maker to come have fresh it after work.

5. This product comes with 2-pound capacity which means it can bake family-size bread. In addition, this products comes with varoius recipes to further assist in baking.

6. All these features come at a reasonably low price which is roughly around US$60.

There are also a few areas where this product falls short of being satisfactory. This makes up the disadvantages of this bread maker and includes the following:

1. This bread maker produces a loud sound especially while kneading and at the end of the baking process which is unpleasant and irritating

2. Once the belt in this machine is worn out, replacing it is difficult because of the way it’s positioned. This has led to situations where the only solution to a faulty belt is to discard this bread maker to the junkyard

3. The lubricant from the paddle mechanism is unpredictable and can become disfunctional without warning regardless the age of the machine, this leads to the oil oozing into your bread.

Generally, there is more to gain from using this machine that the flaws it has, infact, some of the flaws are as a result inappropriate use of the machine or normal technical malfunction. Most reviews by users of this machine have been positive with majority agreeing that this machine does high quality baking and is easy to use. In addition, the pricing is fairly reasonnable_ One could expect that all these features should come at high price, this is not the case with this machine as it’s pricing is consumer friendly. All these factors make it the machine of choice for home baking.

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