Zojirushi BB-HAC 10 Home Bakery Mini Bread Maker Review

This programmable 1 pound mini bread maker is perfect for the home and can be used every day of the week. The compact and thin design makes this home baker ideal for most kitchens even for those with limited counter space. The BB-HACIO Home Ba kery simplifies the process of bread and cake making in the home by automating most of the processes that were initially tedious and time consuming. It is ideal for singles, couples or apartment dwellers in need of a bread that is small.

It is easy to use and comes three different texture options to choose from i.e. firm, regular and soft. In addition to this, you can also control the crust by making it regular or light. It has a quick baking cycle that is able to prepare bread in under 2 hours. The available options on the menu include: basic bread (firm and regular), French, dough, soft, pasta/cookie dough, jam, cake and quick bread. It comes with a preview window panel on top of the lid that lets you watch the process as you bake.

It has easy steps to follow with accompanied instructions on video. The steps include:
Firstly, prepare the ingredients knowing that the breads’ quality will depend on the ingredients used. It is recommended to use fresh ingredients and avoid mixing old with new ones.
Attach the kneading blade and ensure it is properly positioned as it is a vital element in the bread maker. The bread maker consists of two blades to ensure perfect dough kneading and a higher product rise.
Measure the prepared ingredients accurately to ensure better finished bread. Roughly done mixtures produce a rough finish? Add ingredients in tested and proven order i.e. yeast, liquids and powders considering compatibility among ingredients.
Lastly, select the course of your liking for your perfect bread.

You can use any bread making recipe or books with the BB-HACIO Home Bakery to come up with fresh, delicious and unique bread and cakes.

Main features
Produces 1 pound of bread that is perfect for singles or smaller families? Has a compact and thin design that takes the least amount of space in the kitchen? Gives you three options for bread textures i.e. soft, firm and regular.
It lets you make past and home made cookies with the pasta/cookie dough setting.
It comes with French bread, cake, dough and jam settings.
It can prepare your bread in under 2 hours with the quick baking cycle.
Gives you crust options with an option of Light or Regular crust.
Comes with a menu with settings that include: firm or regular basic bread, soft, dough, French, cookie/pasta dough, jam, cake and quick bread.
Incorporates a kneading blade with a durable non sticking baking pan? Has a preview window that lets you watch as you bake.
Has a 13 hour delayed timer.
The assembly comes with an easy to follow video instructions, recipe booklet and operational manual.


Easy to use and simplifies the preparation of various breads, cakes, dough for rolls, fresh fruit jams, croissants, pasta, pizza, cookies etc.
Can bake French bread, dough, jam and cake.
Comes with pre-programmed baking options for cake, bread and other menu options.
Allows you to personally user fresh ingredients every time you bake.
Comes with an easy to use LCD control panel with push buttons.
Has a strong and durable handle for carrying around.
Small in size, sleek meaning it fits most kitchens and bakes perfect bread.
Has a heavy, high quality, even heating, not sticking baking pan that is fast to clean.
The warning beep sound that is integrated for adding ingredients like raisins and nuts is not too long or annoying


The initial cost is slightly offsetting for the average user.
The size of bread is limited to 1 pound which might not be enough for larger families.
There is a lot of waste caused by the round part on top of the mini baker, which takes about a quarter of the whole loaf while the bottom slice ends up with a gaping hole because of sitting on the paddle as it bakes.

If you fancy fresh home-made bread and cakes then this bread maker is the perfect solution. Its size makes it portable and easy to carry from one location to another giving it an added advantage. Even though this is a new technology, the aroma it produces and anticipation of taking freshly baked bread or cake remains the same. Simply bake your own bread and cakes using the Home Bakery Mini BB-HAC10. This is a sure buy as the 1 year warranty is guaranteed plus it has a fast shipping and delivery.

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