Follow Thirteen Easy Steps To Make Apple Bread

These days when you want to eat something delicious & tasty, first thing that come to mind is if it’s good for your health or not? is it nutritious or not? and if it is a sweet dish that your are planning on to eat, than i would say that With a very little bit of your creativity & time you can prepare A very tasty dish that is Apple breadfirst of all lets find out what you going to need for making apple bread.

Ingredients Needed for making an apple bread;

1.) Butter – Two Table Spoons butter
2.) Sugar – One And half Cup sugar
3.) Apple – One Apple ( Thin Sliced Apple)
4.) Cinnamon – One Table Spoon cinnamon
5.) Dry Yeast – One packet of it
6.) Water – 314th cup of water
7.) Salt – One Tea Spoon salt
8.) Flour – Two & half Cup of Flour
9.) Egg – One egg
10.) Raisins – Its Completely Up to you if you want to add it for taste. (Optional)
11.) Shortening – 114th cup of shortening

These were the ingredients you will be needing to make a delicious apple bread.

Now lets get straight to the procedure of making apple bread in just thirteen easy steps;

1. First of all you will have to make sure that the butter is on Normal temperature so take it out of your refrigerator as it doesn’t get too hard.

2. Take a baking pan (one deep baking pan) & melt butter in it almost two Table spoons.

3. Take sugar ( half a cup ) & cinnamon ( one table spoon ) in a small bowl, and mix it well.

4. Now the mixture of cinnamon & sugar, sprinkle it in that deep pan.

5. Take one apple & cut it into small thin pieces/slices. Now arrange these pieces in rows on the mixture (Butter, Sugar, Cinnamon Mixture) in the pan.

6. Now as mentioned earlier raisins which is optional depending upon your taste. If you wanted to add it than sprinkle it on apples.

7. Now take a large bowl & take water ( 314th cup ) & Dry yeast ( one packet Now stir them together in that bowl.

8. Add Salt (one tea spoon), Another 114th cup of sugar & Flour (one cup).

9. Now you will have to beat that for a minute or two or till the time that batter starts dropping from spoon in the sheets.

10. Add shortening (1/4th up), Flour (One & half cup) & one egg, & beat them till they are smooth

11. Batter it should be dropped on the apples by small spoonfuls & raisin in the pan (Optional). Now cover the pan, put it in a warm place & let it rise till its doubled of its size (for an hour or so).

12. Your should set your oven temperature to be 190*C (370- 380*F). And bake it for 35 to 40 minutes until it gets brown.

13. Now remove it after its baked from the pan & Take it in a plate. And that’s it serve it to your guests, family members, friends & enjoy the delicious apple bread (in just thirteen easy steps).

Preparation & baking time for an apple bread should be around half a hour for preparation & 1 hour or 60 – 70 minutes of baking. & there you are ready with a homemade delicious apple bread.

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