The Review Of Hamilton Beach 29881 2-Pound Bread Maker

If you had the opportunity to make fresh, home-baked bread ensuring your family received only the best ingredients, would you?  Of course you would and Hamilton Beach has made that possible.

The Hamilton Beach 29881 2-Pound Bread Maker is one of hundreds of superior and state-of-the-art products created by Hamilton Beach.  For years they’ve continually and consistently produced innovative small appliances for our homes.

This particular bread maker is no exception with its many features and capabilities, the possibilities are endless.  Hamilton Beach understands the nutritional needs of its consumers and has provided the ability to bake bread without trans fats and preservatives.  Recipes are included for whole grain and gluten-free breads giving you control of nutritional value.

There is a simple to use 1-2-3 process that allows the user to add ingredients, choose your settings and start baking.  In addition, there are settings for specialty items such as jams and cakes, a non-stick pan making clean up easy, an extra knead paddle to use as a back-up in case one is dirty, and express settings for baking 1.5-lb and 2-lb. loaves.



· Control over nutritional content of your breads

· Simple 1-2-3 step process

· 12 cycles including jams and cakes

· Easy clean up with the non-stick pan

· Extra paddle

· Express settings for 1.5-lb and 2-lb loaves

· Free recipes provided by Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods

Regardless of the brand of bread machine you purchase, they all come with pros and cons.  It is necessary as consumers for us to investigate and weigh both advantages and disadvantages so that we are able to make informed decisions about the products we bring into our homes.

The advantages to the Hamilton Beach 29881 2-Pound Bread Maker are many.  With regard to making dough, this machine incorporates ingredients well.  Customers have stated that if you are a frequent pizza dough maker, this machine is perfect for that because it’s a budget-friendly product.  It’s a good machine for those who may be inexperienced in baking breads or using machines to bake breads.

The machine offers a delay timer which takes into consideration your schedule.  You can add ingredients and then set the timer to finish the process for when it’s convenient for you. Some customers who have purchased this machine have experimented with recipes outside of the ones provided with the bread maker – cheese bread, Hawaiian and oatmeal are some of the options and they have all turned out great.

This type flexibility is a definite advantage as it allows you to customize your own recipes to your desired taste and nutritional requirements.  It should also be noted the Hamilton Beach 29881 2-Pound Bread Maker is also energy efficient.

Other conveniences that come with this machine are an alarm to let you know when to add nuts or fruits and you also have the ability to choose your crust setting – light, medium or dark.  For your protection, the machine comes with safety features – a cool to touch body and nonslip feet.  This is a definite “pro” if you have curious little ones at home!


  • Incorporates ingredients well
  • Budget-friendly
  • User-friendly for those inexperienced with baking bread
  • Recipe flexibility that allows the user to expand its range of use
  • Energy efficient
  • Reminder alarm for adding nuts and fruits
  • Ability to choose crust setting
  • Safety features


  • Paddle can be loose
  • Machine needs to be watched during baking process
  • Pan isn’t stable during kneading process
  • Bread doesn’t rise as high like with higher-priced machines
  • Light crust setting might make crust too dark

Disadvantages though few, do exist.  There have been complaints about the knead paddle.  Consumers have mentioned the paddle coming loose and subsequently ended up being baked into the bread.  If this does happen – caution!  Paddle gets hot!  Remove it carefully.

Customers have complained this is not a “set it and forget it” machine.  Some feel it’s necessary to watch the machine in the initial baking process because the amount of flour the recipes call for is not enough and that the pan must be scraped with a spatula to remove flour from the corners and that sometimes the flour sticks.

There have been complaints of the pan not staying in place during the kneading process and that bread in this machine didn’t rise quite as high as breads made in higher-priced bread makers.  Consumers have also mentioned the light crust setting made the crust darker than they desired.

As stated before the Hamilton Beach 29881 2-Pound Bread Maker is budget friendly being one of the most inexpensive bread makers available.  If you do run into a problem, Hamilton Beach has many options for contacting customer service – their website, social media pages and a call center.  Buying a bread machine or any small appliance for your home comes down to personal choice.  It will depend on your needs whether or not this bread maker is suitable for you but overall, the product is worth the money.

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