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There are some really good things going on with this brand. The most obvious is probably the fact that it makes a large 3-pound loaf, which is rare among the leading bread machines. As a matter of fact, the 2-pound and 3-pound options on this bread machine work better than the 1.5-pound option. The loaves outcome is better and the larger dough is mixed better. So we definitely think this bread maker is more suited towards larger families or if you usually bake for a large group. Secondly, this machine has two kneading blades. This is probably a must because of the large dough it handles. With that, we are impressed by how capable it is of handling thicker dough

When the machine is kneading, it is really quiet. After the final kneading cycle is over, you can take the kneading blades out of the machine so that your dough will rise and bake without the large holes at the bottom caused by the blades. But keep in mind that you have to clean the rotator part (which requires some hard work) if any dough seeps in and prevents the machine from working well. This is a problem for most machines as they bake with the kneading blade stuck to the bottom, leaving the bread with an unappealing hole.

Another positive is that the it is easy to use, even for the inexperienced bread maker. It is also very light However the display of this machine is hard to read. Light and there aren’t as many settings as there are on other bread machines. For example, there is only one dough setting If you are looking for a bread maker machine the Black and Decker bread machine is the way to go and enjoying baking from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Here we recommed two Black & Decker Bread Machines for all of you.

1.Black & Decker B6000C Deluxe 3-Pound Bread Maker

Black & Decker 3 Pound Bread Maker is a very handy appliance much helpful for people who enjoy baking their bread. This is currently the top rated and highly used bread machine. To top it up, it comes at an affordable price. Baking bread has been easy ever since the advent of bread machines. Be it at professionally owned bakeries or at your home, the joy of eating freshly baked bread is exceptional.

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Black & Decker Bread Machine is uniquely designed to avoid the paddles from sticking, thus avoiding the usual fuss and giving a better edge over other bread making machines. The main advantage this bread machine acquires over other machines is in its capacity. Black & Decker bread machine has the capacity for 3 pound of dough which ends up making pretty large loaf when compared to other bread makers. This machine helps you in making over sized batches too.

The best part is, it is light weighted, which makes it easy to handle and carry around. The body of this machine is made up of plastic. It comes in white color, It is capable of baking 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 1b loaves. The machine comes with 10 pre-programmed settings. The end product is traditional horizontal shaped loaf which is pretty big is size. The machine also has a 13 hour bake delay setting. Black and Decker bread machine also comes with a crust control setting with automatic temperature adjustment for regular or dark crust. It has an LCD display, a large viewing window,an audible option for fruit and nut add ins and a non stick baking pan. The settings can be tweaked around to get a lot of things done, like it has a setting which provides the user with an option to make low carb bread. The machine has 2 kneading blades which make the kneading process efficient.

The Black and Decker bread machine is designed to save a lot of space on the kitchen counter. Unlike other bread machines in the market, this one operates much quietly. It also comes with a lid which is easy to open thus making the operation smooth. The buttons are cleanly laid out and highlighted thus making it simple to use. The machine makes sure that the dough is mixed thoroughly and it keeps the bread warm for 60 minutes. The texture of the bread is even and good. It can also be used to make the base of a pizza. The bread comes out gorgeous and provides large loaf. The unit comes with a recipe book which is pretty handy. There are plenty of mixes available to try before exploring on our own. The unit takes different ingredients instead of putting just pre made mixes. The machine handles thicker and heavier dough very well compared to other bread machines available in the market. The over sized capacity and large loaf size makes it an ideal machine to serve a gathering with many people. The bread pan is dishwasher safe hence no fuss about the clean up.

Along with the pros, the machine does have some cons. It may take sometime for few people to get to learn about the machine and get acquainted. Sometimes large holes are caused at the bottom by beating blades which makes it difficult for the loaf to rise and bake. It is hard to read the screen in low light settings. The machine doesn’t remember last used settings. The baked bread is quite dark for the medium setting, which may not go well with few people. The machine requires some time to start mixing which may be frustrating at times. Also, it is bit difficult to get the bread out of the machine due to the beater blades. Sometimes the sweet bread gets too brown on even the brightest setting. The bottom and the sides of the bread are darker than the top. The manual provided is very good but not exhaustive enough and needs some extra research on the user’s part.

To conclude, the Black and Decker 3-Pound Bread Maker is an excellent bread making machine with enormous capacity and magnificent performance. The size and make is admirable. It makes fine quality bread and comes at an affordable price. It would be definitely a good idea to buy one.

2.Black & Decker BK1015W 1/2-Pound Bread Machine

I have spent the last twelve months or more researching and reviewing all the best bread makers available in today’s market place before finding what I consider to be the best. And believe me there are a lot of different models to chose from. Nowadays you can buy a bread machine starting from the basic-range that will simply bake you a loaf of bread and not do much else. Moving up to the mid-range machine that may well have a timer and a a few other functions and ending up at the top-of-the-range bread maker that is an all singing all dancing machine with more features than you can shake a stick at. But from my research into the buying trends of all the different machines available today,one in particular seem to stand out head and shoulders above the rest. This is the Black and Decker BK1015W 1 1/2-Pound Bread Machine, white.

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Features of the Automatic Bread Maker;

– Microprocessor controlled
– Five heating modes for two piece sizes
– Large Liquid crystal DisplayLLCDl show with easy to understand menu choices
– Unique distributor to consequently drop natural sweeteners or nuts into mixture
– Programmable clock, sets to thirteen hours ahead of time
– Non sticky covered plates for gold cleaning

Another element consolidated to their bread creator arrangement is a thirteen-hour pre-set programmable clock, which is ideal for overnight heating, so you set the machine before you go to quaint little inn crisply prepared meal for your break fast.

Large Display
The huge Display showcased on is clear and simple to peruse. The menu framework is extremely easy to understand with six simple touch catches on the board. There are five unique methods of heating, these incorporate; Basic, and Pizza Dough.Bread Quality The Automatic Bread Maker vibrates slightly during the kneading process, but fortunately it doesn’t produce much noise. Preparing the machine only takes about five minutes before it begins the making process.

The quality of bread which it produces is nothing short of fantastic. The bread is crusty on the outer side, soft in the center and creates a wonderful aroma. If you have a family of 4 or smaller, then the medium loaf size setting is adequate enough.

Final Thoughts On the downside, if you have a preference for whole grain bread, then this machine doesn’t bake it properly as it doesn’t have a sandwich mode, so you will need to look elsewhere.

Overall,it is a great bread maker for either those who are new to bread machines or for more experienced users, who want high quality, healthy bread with minimum hassle. A very good guide is included which contains numerous recipes for making different types of breads, plus instructions on how to operate the machine. If having fresh homemade bread is something which you desire, then this smart machine is a smart choice.

Are you 1 of the mums who are very particular that your family enjoys a good breakfast? Does not bread take its perfect place on your dining room table? What better way compared to to see that your family is actually fed with nutritious freshly home cooked bread for breakfast. You have always been a baking enthusiast and making bread at home was what you have always been anticipating to. What was upper most in your thoughts was the selection of a right best bread maker. You wanted the one that would be easy to clean and maintain. The Automatic Bread machine machine means that you can make refreshing naturally sampling breads.

The bread maker has become the top products to generate bread obese its non-stick baking pan, you don’t do anything getting stuck or left over the pan. It possesses a substantial total capacity of baking with about three loaf sizes in lengths and widths for better method in fast bread making process. For long time make use of product, you want to hand wash this bread maker but not use it through the dish washing machine.

This bread maker also provides an one-year limited warranty, therefore, you don’t worry about it breaking giving you throughout the first month useful. Having sufficed you with this information about this excellent a-must-have kitchen appliance,you should be going for one because at no time will you be disappointed. You can bet on this one!

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