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The fantastic Cuisinart Bread Machine brings the internationally renowned name of Cuisinart into your home!

Cuisinart has been around since the early ’70s when they introduced a food processor to the American market. Since that time they have vastly expanded their range and ship their products worldwide. They are regarded as a premier brand by professional chefs and a must have item in any kitchen. All of their products deliver great results and are designed to be easy to use as well as offering very long life from their products due to the high levels of engineering and quality control that all of the products go through

It is Cuisinart’s mission to deliver the very finest kitchen equipment and the Cuisinart Bread Machine is no exception!

The bread maker has a very svelte design, modelled in brushed aluminium finish which gives it a very attractive look. It is a convection style machine which means that the air is circulated better which produces perfect results every time you use it!

The machine is able to make bread in a small and large size, perfect for a couple or a family as you can adjust your ingredient quantities to suit your needs!

The bread maker has 12 pre-set functions that allow you to pick modes between breads, jams, cakes and dough. The flexibility offered by this machine means that you’re not just limited to making bread, but a whole host of other options are available, all simple to make and the recipes come included in the box! An added boon, unlike many models on the market, is that it has a removable kneading paddle. This is a very useful feature as it means that your bread does not end up with a hole in its base. There are not many models on the market that do this and to anyone who likes to make their own bread this will be a big selling point!

Cuisinart has also added an automatic nut and seed dispenser. This is a little shelf that you fill with your nuts, fruit or seeds and the machine automatically adds them to your bread at just the right time. No need to do it yourself, just pre-load it when you add the rest of your ingredients to the bread pan and 10 and behold it’ll pop them right in there without any messing about!

The options are near endless, as this little machine is able to turn out over 100 different recipe combinations. They have even included an auto-start timer which lets you delay the start time of the bread by up to 13 hours. This is very useful as it allows you to load the bread machine the night before and have it work in the early hours so you awake with the delicious aroma of fresh bread that has just baked in the morning! The bread machine has a viewing window so you can watch the entire process of your bread being made, should you wish! It also has the ability to keep your bread warm for up to an hour after it has baked The machine is very easy to clean – all the buttons are touch design, the heating element is concealed and all the parts are dishwasher safe!

All in all this is an excellent bread maker that will give you awesome results every time and a must-have item for your home!

1 Conair Cuisinart CBK-100 Bread Maker

Conair Cuisinart CBK-IOO 2 LB, has a lot of good features. At first, the thing what I would like to point out in this bread maker is that that it’s possible to use it only in North America, as I suppose that it’s Standards. But no one might order it overseas, if it’s made in America. There’s just no point, so I will not discuss this point. The very good point in this product is that it’s not expensive, and now it’s on sale. It costs just $99 + it provides you with a free shipping. You won’t really usually find the 40% sale on products like this one, and the shipping is included in the cost. 

If I was to buy a bread maker, then I would buy exactly this one. It’s not very expensive, and it has almost all of the good features of the best bread maker. It has a comfortable paddle for a quick cleanup. It really has a very useful feature – stay-cool handles.

Of course, the main thing is not that it’s not expensive, the main thing would be quality. But even without experiencing – I see that it would have been a very comfortable bread maker to use.

Another, but a more trivial but good detail which I would like to point out is that it’s opening lid, in my own opinion, opens very comfortably and nicely.

In a picture of this bread maker, it looks like it’s a very modern one and has high technology. If you want to buy it – just buy it. Trust me – It does worth it.

2 Conair Cuisinart CBK-200 Bread Maker

This is a fine, high tech convection bread maker from Cuisinart which features very useful characteristics that make it a very useful device at your kitchen. It is fully programmable with convection pan that adjusts for time and speed to ensure optimal results, plus 16 options accessible by pressing a button for each one including setting for making Low Carb, Artisan Dough and Gluten Free bread. You can choose among three crust colors and three bread sizes and over 100 combinations of different bread variations to let you make dough, sweet cakes and jam combinations.


An audible tone will indicate you when to add mix-ins. It is programmable to start with a delay of up to 12 hours, and it will backup in case of power failure. It automatically adjusts the speed and timing during baking to get the color and texture you expect. There is an Artisan Dough menu option which takes the process through several long, slow or cool rises for smooth textures or rustic crusts. The first clearly audible tone advices when to add nuts, fruits or other mix-ins and a second one indicates when to remove the paddle before start baking or removed the unbaked dough to do an additional shaping by hand. Other baking options include pause for as long as 15 minute and a bake-only option. It features stay-cool handles. Its finishing is brushed stainless steel and along its classic lines design you can be sure you will own a great looking kitchen device for everyday use.

Its price is US$ 129.99 buying online at Amazon, plus free shipping to USA. From the original price US$235.OO discount to this price you save US$ 105.01 (45% the original price).

If you want a hi-tech, good looking and decorative device for your kitchen which will help you to get perfect home-made bread, or if you want to use it at your bakery, and at the same time to get a great helpful device full of options to help you get perfect results, then owning this useful convection oven will be your best decision.


3 Cuisinart BMKR-200PC Fully Automatic Bread Maker

The Cuisinart BMKR-200PC Fully Automatic Compact Bread Maker by Cuisinart has everything that anyone could possibly want in a bread maker. The most impressive feature of this bread maker is that it is fully automatic. It does everything. All that is needed to make the perfect loaf of bread are the ingredients for the preferred bread recipe, to be added to the bread maker. The bread maker does everything else, and that includes: the mixing, the kneading, the baking, and rising, and all of that is done at the pre-set time, so it will commence with creating a loaf of bread at the necessary time. Nothing else is needed. 

The programmable bread maker offers three options for different crust colors (light, medium, or dark), three size options (1 lb., 1 1/2 lbs., and 2 lbs.), plus 12 pre-programmed menu options. There is also a 13 hour delay on the automatic start timer which allows the time delay to start baking bread, from as little as a 1 minute delay to as much as a 13 hour delay. There is also a 15 minute pause, and a bake-only option, when baking needs to commence immediately. These time settings can be set to whatever time constraints exist, so the loaf of bread will be finished when it is needed. The automatic convection feature adapts to the necessary timing and speed of air circulation for even baking of the loaf, so it will bake thoroughly and evenly according to the kind of bread that is chosen.

All the settings and combinations for the many different kinds of breads that this bread maker bakes, comes from the more than 100 recipes for the many bread varieties, cakes and doughs. This bread maker is fully automatic to make the perfect loaf of bread at any time, no matter how complicated the bread recipe is. The bread maker does everything.

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