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Do you remember the smells you woke up to when you were spending your holidays with your grandmother? The scent of the freshly baked bread and the sizzling bacon are sure to stir nostalgic memories! In this fast-paced world, we don’t seem to have time for home-cooked food. It is a well-known fact that the hectic lifestyle and junk food has an adverse effect on one’s health and well-being. Even then we are not able to find time to cook at home! So, what’s the alternative? There are plenty of home appliances available in the market that can make cooking easy and efficient. One such kitchen appliance is the Hamilton Beach Bread Machine. You can make fresh bread right at home with this appliance. Compact, easy to use, and energy efficient, this bread machine will definitely be a great addition to your kitchen.

You’ll love the stylish exterior. This bread machine is beautifully designed with a clear display panel and large buttons. Its compact shape allows you to easily place it on your kitchen counter. When not in use, you can store it on a shelf.

You can make so many bread types. With this kitchen appliance, you can make various types of bread such as white, country, wheat, sourdough, and French. Apart from bread, you can also bake cakes, homemade jam, croissants, pizzas, and flat breads with this appliance. Whether you want to prepare gluten-free or whole grain bread, you can do both with equal ease.

It’s easy to use. This appliance is very easy to operate. In just 3 steps, you can make delicious bread right at home. 1st Step – Add all the ingredients. 2nd Step- Choose the program by just pressing the self-explanatory buttons near the display window. There are 12 program cycles – Basic, French, Gluten-free, Quick, Sweet, 1.5 1b Express, 2.0 1b Express, Dough, Jam, Cake, Wholegrain, and Bake. You can also choose light, medium or dark crust depending on your taste preferences.3rd Step – Press the start buttonWhile adding the ingredients, add the wet ingredients first, followed by dry ingredients. Add yeast at the last. You should add the ingredients in the order specified by the recipe for best results. The total time for the baking cycle is around 1 to 3.5 hours, depending on the program you’ve chosen.

User manual for help. The Hamilton Beach Bread Machine comes with a user manual, which will clearly explain the various features of each program cycle. The manual will also have suggestions about which program cycle to choose based on your baking needs. Check out the recipes and baking tips provided in the manual to get the most from the kitchen appliance.

Accessories are included. This bread machine comes with the necessary accessories for use. The included bread pan is dishwasher safe. Plus, it comes with two kneading paddles to mix the floor.

This Hamilton bread machine will help satisfy all your dietary preferences and nutrition requirements. Plus, it is healthier to bake bread at home using quality ingredients. Above all, the freshness of the baked bread will keep you feeling fresh all day long. Do you need any other reason to get this bread machine for your home?

1# Hamilton Beach 29882 Breadmaker

There are so many perks to having your own bread maker and the Hamilton Beach Homebaker 29882 Breadmaker comes with a plethora of features that make the process much easier and the results are unbeatable.


One of the standout features that the Hamilton Beach Homebaker 29882 offers is the viewing window lid. Not only does this allow you to stay in touch with the happenings inside the baking chamber but also prevents you from opening the lid prematurely.


The bread maker also comes with a 5 minute power interruption protection which can be quite the savior as that would buy you enough time to switch your power source and prevent you from losing all your progress. The machine also comes with 12 preprogrammed cycles of which, the first seven allow you to choose the kind of kind of crust color you would like and some of the others include a French, gluten-free and even quick bake to name just a few.

The last thing you want to do after your bread is ready is to have to sit down and start scrubbing the bread pan. The Hamilton 29882 saves you this hustle by having a non-stick bread pan that you can easily clean without much trouble.

Other notable features that are part and parcel of this one of a kind bread maker include the option of 2 loaf sizes, a startand stop button, a delay timer and a control panel that comes with buttons and display.

With the recent negative publicity that gluten is receiving, the fact that this bread maker comes with a gluten free bread making cycle has to be the biggest benefit that the machine offers.

You can also prepare dough for your pizza using the bread maker by using the dough pre-program which makes the machine quite an asset in any home whether you are looking to make bread or pizza.

Even with the vast array of features, the machine is still quite inexpensive and affordable for most household making it an ideal addition to those that are seeking to be introduced in the world of home bread making. It is even more beneficial since the machine is able to blend functionality and economy and hence you do not have to worry about throwing your finances out the door to get the Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 29882 Breadmaker.

Not only is the pan of the bread maker non-stick, it is also dishwasher safe and so is the paddle. This makes cleaning things up after you’re done much easier.

Even with all the features and benefits that the machine has to offer, there are some areas of concern that every buyer should be aware off before making the purchase.

The first has to the height of the machine which is too tall and eats up plenty of counter space. However, you can always tuck it away whenever you are not using it to save on space.

The machine does not have a sound that reminds you to remove the paddle before the baking start which makes it a bit hazardous.

It is also worth noting that the viewing window tends to fog during baking making it hard to see the progress in the rising and baking cycles.

If you are looking to break away from having to get your bread at the store, then having a bread maker is a great way to go. Even with the downsides, making your own bread is safer and allows you to play around with the recipes to come up with something that you really like. Not to mention that you get to enjoy freshly baked bread always instead of the stale option you always seem to land at the store.

2# Hamilton Beach 29881 Bread Maker

Hamilton Beach 29881 2-Pound Bread Maker quenches the thirst of bread lovers and gives bakers enjoyable moment in making bread. This is a bread maker that make bread in the universally standard way. Hamilton bread maker comes in white colour. Besides being attractive, white colour is of great symbol to bakers, white colour dictates the hygienic environment required in bread baking because any meagre stain will be conspicuous in white background and therefore, it shows that Hamilton Beach 29881 2-Pound Bread Maker is of health standard. It’s dimensions are 15 by 12 by 12 centimetres.

Bread from Hamilton Beach 29881 2-Pound Bread Maker has two unique admirable qualities – trans fatty acids-free,this makes the bread tolerable for those who have risk of developing heart related and vascular illnesses like atherosclerosis. preservatives-free.Hamilton Beach Bread Maker embraces the skills of other bread bakers ranging from those of the ancient the Dak Auto Auto Baker model to current made Conair Cuisinart CBK LB Bread Maker Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery and Sunbeam programmable Bread maker. Techniques of using the Hamilton Beach 29881 2-Pound Bread Maker is just like the other usual basic simple steps: Addition of ingredients selection of cycles and simply startAfter the steps, one more task, control the nutrient content of your bread as you bake in order to have a healthy whole-grain bread.

Hamilton Beach 29881 2- Pound Bread Maker includes a small oven and paddles. The oven is compute-controlled. The paddles are in-built on the oven. Above the paddles, there is a bread pan or as familiar to others, the bread tin. The Hamilton Beach 29881 2-Pound Bread Maker has a timer that enables the operator save time and energy that would be required to activate it. To mean that the timer makes the Hamilton Beach Bread 29881 2-Pound Maker autoactivates minus attendance by the operator. Because it is a high quality modern model and unique type of bread maker, it allows the user to programme a custom cycle. Of course Hamilton Beach 29881 2-Pound Bread Maker has multiple advantages over others.

The Hamilton Beach Bread Make has a gluten free. If you are under dietary restrictions from fatty bread and meals. This will be you companion baker. No Trans fats that extremely dangerous for everyone. Hamilton Beach 29881 2- Pound Bread Maker can be used to make sizes of bread following the quantitative amount that is required by the consumer at that moment. This is to avoid wastage. The dimensions of bread are 1.5 or 2 pound bread. This helps to prevent the wastage due to baking of too much for immediate consumption and too little to make one feel satisfied after baking once.

Hamilton Beach 29881 2-pound Bread Maker can do many cycles of baking within a very short time. This is what everyone require from any machine and Hamilton Beach 29881 2-pound Bread Maker is incredibly faster and graduates it to the category of ” fast bake ” that produces loaf in less than an hour. Hamilton Beach 29881 2-pound Bread Maker comes in cheaper price. than the other bakers of “the fast bake” like the Conair Cuisinart CBK LB Bread Maker, Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery and Sunbeam programmable Bread maker. This gives any other baker opportunity to work with Hamilton Beach Bread Maker and bake within their budget range. In need of acquiring the Hamilton Beach 29881 2-Pound Bread Maker? Do not be worried about the transport cost, it is offered as one of the other after-sales servicesRemember it autoactivates.

If you are to make horizontally-shaped bread then, Hamilton Beach 29881 2-Pound Bread Maker may inconvenience you and you will frown but that’s debatable. Hamilton Beach Bread Maker may be cumbersome when the paddles sticks. It may require you to use hot water and a lot of it sometimes. It may be a nightmare when the paddles stick permanently. The Hamilton Beach Bread Maker has limited users when it comes to language. The Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is programmed to be used in purely English language. Once you are bound by this, you might have the push to learn English first. I would recommend that you try to bake your bread using the Hamilton Beach Bread Maker in order to a taste of bread made from English command. Am sure will appreciate that informed bakers enjoy what is called current bread- made cheaply, efficiently and faster.

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