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Oster bread maker is an electrical machine that makes work easier about you but in this case it applies mainly in the kitchen. This machine saves you all the necessary labor which includes kneading, mixing and shaping bread in to your desired shape. Oster bread maker comes in two separate models. The models are Expressbake model CKSTBRTW20 and the Express 5838 which have the amazing features;

Ability of baking loaves of 2-pound in less than 60-mintes.
A setting that keeps and maintain the baked loaf to be warm.
Enough spacing for 8 pieces saving your time.
A delay programmable timer that is 13-Hour operating.
Not forgetting that instructions in operation apply to both model.

Apart from the pleasure of baking fresh, flavorful, wholesome bread at your own comfort within your home not mentioning the satisfaction of everybody’s taste buds that you experience with Oster Bread Maker, there is much more than just baking bread. With the kind of models that has various available features, there is an opened door to adapting baking cakes, family recipes, snacks and even jam. This is just to mention.

As mentioned, Oster Bread Maker has various uses. We can now focus on the other usage of this machine. These include;

Making of jam that lasts up to three weeks as long as it undergoes cooling and refrigeration. Do use fresh fruits, sugar, water and pectin.

Making sandwiches or turnovers according to the size and flavor that you desire as long as a temperature of 350 Celsius degrees is maintained. This can be done using the cycle for doughing available on the recipe for bread, once the cycle is complete, the dough is rolled out into large squares, cut, filled, folded and given time to rise.

Creating of rolls, pretzels and bagels as you use the machine cycle for doughing to do the rising and kneading of the recipe. Then after shaping the rolls and pretzels by hand, they can then be baked into the oven.

Making tortillas using the recipe that one likes an example is the white bread recipe. This is done by rolling out flat after the cycle for doughing completes cutting into circles and cooking both of the sides preferably in a skillet.

Cooking pizzas using a recipe for cookbooks on the dough for pizza. This is done by giving the dough time to raise and complete, then afterwards rolling out a circle, adding the ingredients that you like onto the circle. Ingredients include meatballs among others, then baking is done.

Making marmalade such as the orange flavor. Through using sugar, pectin, orange and lemon ingredients. Making egg glazes that have crusts that are golden. These glazes are made by applying white or yolk glazes on the dough rolls using a brush for pastry purposes.

Making cinnamon, citrus and vanilla glazes. Do by applying the ingredients in the prepared dough

Preparing butter of different types such as garlic, herb-cheese, Italian-herb among others.

Making snack and bread spread such as Honey-Walnut, Herb-cream, olive, ham and cheese spread among others.

Not to mention baking of cakes which are of various flavors such as the coconut and coffee cakes.

Of course, all of these items can be baked using the Oster Bread Maker but only when the correct recipes which are also available are followed

With the features that Oster Bread Maker has, easy to operate and with a one-year warranty. This machine is worth being bought by you as it offers you value, quality and a high performance. You will definitely enjoy it.

We are going to recommend three Oster Bread Makers for you.

1 Oster CKSTBRTW20 Expressbake Breadmaker

The Oyster bread maker allows the user to have a variety of settings to choose from depending on their taste of bread, dough or jams. Such a bread maker enables the user to access a huge number of combinations that can be made depending on the creativity of the user. The express bake feature is available for a user looking for a quick bread maker order to complete. The usability of the bread maker for the purposes of the business of personal use is also quite handy as it allows for the setup of quick settings and bulk orders at a go, or the more relaxed ease of access for the home user when you want fresh baked bread for breakfast. 

This bread maker comes with a 13 hour timer that can be programmed any time of day or night in order to ensure that when your bread need arises, you’re ready to meet it at a moment’s notice. Considering the LED display that the bread maker comes with, there is sufficient viewing of each process of bread making for the ease of learning the art, especially while teaching a neighbor who’s come over for some tips.

Larger families are not left behind when the Oyster bread maker is being configured. With up to 2 pounds worth of bread capacity, the larger family’s needs are kept in mind. So at just a single shot, you will have served your larger family with the perfect meal or snack. To top it all off, the bread maker comes with safety standards that have been approved in the US and many other countries.

2 Oster 5838 Expressbake Breadmaker

The easy-to-use model of Oster 5838 Expressbake Breadmaker makes it great for any family that wants to make pizza dough, cakes as well as bread. There are many features about the bread maker.


Varied settings for making your bread
A bread maker should be able to meet your expectations depending on what you want to make. This machine comes with 8 settings that include a 13-hour delay bake and an automatic one- hour keep warm.

Easy to clean aluminum pan
It is imperative that you get yourself a bread maker that is easy to wash and keep clean. The pan in this machine is made of non-stick material thus making it easy to manage.

Bakes big in no time
No need to spend much time making bread as your family wait. This bread maker makes up to two pound bread in less than an hour, convenient? Isn’t it?

One-year limited warranty
In cases of mechanical issues, you are free to launch a complaint about the product and you’ll be served accordingly.

This is an absolutely versatile machine and if you are a person keen on getting value for money, then this could just be the thing you need to add to your basket.

Generally, the reviews on Amazon about this product are positive. However, there are a few issues that were raised. A customer had complained that every loaf collapsed shortly after the bake cycle begins. The customer thought it was a design flaw, but later discovered how to correct the problem. Many customers thought the machine is excellent.

3 Oster CKSTBR9050 Expressbake Bread Maker

Oster CKSTBR9050 Express bake comes with 13.5 by 12.1 by 13.2 inches dimensions with 11.6 pounds shipping weight.It is ideal for shipping within us and several other selected outside countries internationally.

The bread maker has 4.0-star rating after one hundred and six customer reviews. Due to this, the CKSTBR9050 Express bake remains on top of the list compared to other bread makers Among other kitchen and dining equipment, it has Amazon bestsellers rank.It makes very delicious and soft bread. This product comes with a users manual and a baking recipe on top that makes it very easy and enjoyable to use. Whether brown or white bread, make it with CKSTBR9050 Express bake for the best results.


The CKSTBR9050 Express bake bread maker has the following advantages in a summary.
-Easy and enjoyable to use.
-Very easy to clean.
-Pocket friendly.
-The presence of a compact kneading blade that does not scratch the pan.
-Less noisy.


Despite the fact that the bread maker has much credit, a few factors need some considerations Some of these includes:
-The provided recipes require a high quantity of flour.
-The recipe does not come with a table of contents.

To make the best quality bread, you do not need a complicated theory or complex research. CKSTBR9050 Express bake bread maker is the way to go. You will never have to worry about cleaning because the kneading blade does not disfigure your pan. It leaves your pan free from sticky residues. Tell a friend to tell a friend about this amazing product. It gives you all you need in bread-No bread compares to the one made using the CKSTBR9050 Express bake bread maker.

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